Lessons Learned from an Internship by Andrew Jenkins, Wittenberg University, Class of 2019

Honestly, starting as an Intern for a staffing and outsourcing company in the healthcare IT industry can be difficult at times.  Specifically, learning the new terminology and jargon has been one of the biggest challenges. This could be due to the fact that my experience with hospitals is as a patient, and my solution to IT problems is, “unplug it and plug it back in.” That being said, you can understand my apprehension when it came time to start here at DCA.

Granted, my role here at Direct Consulting Associates is as an intern for the summer, but, with my time here being so short, it was urgent that I pick up as much information as possible.

At first, I was eager to sit down at my desk, throw my earbuds in, tune out the busy office around me, and accomplish any task at hand.  Of course, the assignments given to me helped me understand what we do here at DCA, as did sitting in on meetings and team huddles. But, I was still seeking a further grasp of the Healthcare IT language.  So, how do I obtain a better understanding of all the diction used around me?

There is one critical method I have learned to help absorb useful knowledge of the industry.  Despite being hesitant to share this (for fear that my cubical mates might migrate away), I would have to declare my most important method to learning is listening to the people around me.

This listening has become pivotal because of the voices of DCA’s expert team of recruiters and researchers. As I sit at my desk, I listen to the constant conversations of our team, working closely with candidates and clients to provide the best services they can offer.  You can be told time and time again what certain words mean, but in my book, it is more helpful to hear an adept team use them.

Though a full grasp of this industry does not happen fast, I am slowly becoming familiarized with phrases like an “Epic Willow Analyst” or how certain health information systems are implemented.

Now, listening to the people around you may be great for learning some new information and terminology of your industry, but there is something arguably even more important you can gain from it: an understanding of the culture.

To me, being a college varsity athlete, it is music to my ears to hear teammates conversing and communicating to solve problems.  The culture here at DCA is no different. From team huddles every morning, to the relaying of information from researcher to recruiter, Direct Consulting Associates is truly a “team of teams.”

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    • Hi Emily,

      Good talent runs in your family! Got anymore to send our way? We truly enjoyed having Andrew as part of our team this past summer! Hope all is well with you and that you’re happy in your job.

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