DCA Announces Ground-Breaking Executive Search…Eliminates Financial Risk

May 24, 2017

Unprecedented…Executives Monetarily Guaranteed to be Retained for 1 to 2 Years

We are pleased to announce our new ground-breaking Riskless Retained Executive Search appropriately named Direct Retention.  

Direct Retention by Direct Consulting Associates (DCA) in partnership with sister company, Direct Recruiters, Inc. (DRI) is disrupting the Healthcare IT executive search industry with its Money-Back Guaranteed Retained Search. Specifically designed for small and medium size companies, Direct Retention focuses on acquiring, assessing, delivering, and retaining Senior Level Executives and other key professionals without any financial downside.

How can we do this? By presenting only those candidates who have been fully vetted by DCA and our independent consultants of Pradco, Organizational Consulting Group, Dinn, Hochman & Potter, LLC and HR & Relo Advisors. Respectively, their expertise range from behavioral assessments backed by science and analytics, compensation studies, legal support for non-competes, and relocation assistance.

According to Dan Charney, DCA Managing Partner, “Direct Retention is an innovative executive search model. We’ve joined forces with independent consultants who are known for best practices in their fields as a means to offer total employment solutions for clients seeking to fill leadership positions. We are backing our product with an unprecedented retention guarantee. We’ve listened to our clients and the future is not just the recruitment of top-notch senior level management, but the need for seamless onboarding and long-term retention.”

For more information regarding Direct Retention, visit www.dc-associates.com/direct-retention-search-services/

Frank Myeroff Featured on HIStalk with Article on Benefits of the Contingent Workforce for HIT Industry

March 2, 2017

Frank Myeroff, President of DCA, recently wrote an article, Growing Contingent Workforce Benefits Both Healthcare Organizations and HIT Professionals, which was featured on HIStalk.com on March 1, 2017.

There’s high growth when it comes to temporary workers, contractors, independent consultants, and freelancers within healthcare IT. New technologies, cost factors, and a whole new generation of HIT professionals wanting to work in a gig economy are fueling this growth. The rise and growth of the contingent workforce is only expected to accelerate over the next few years into 2020.

This dynamic shift to a contingent workforce makes sense for healthcare organizations and the benefits are well worth it. With a contingent workforce, healthcare organizations experience a big efficiency boost, risk mitigation, and derive a substantial cost savings in these ways:

  • The rise of managed service providers (MSP) enable health systems to acquire and manage a contingent workforce. As contingent labor programs continue to grow, these partnerships will be one of the most important workforce solutions that a health system can adopt to effectively manage risk and decrease healthcare hiring.
  • The use of vendor management systems (VMS) is a fast way to source and hire contingent labor. These systems make it easy to submit requisitions to multiple staffing suppliers.
  • Outsourced expertise will be able to assist healthcare facilities in meeting the January 2018 EHR system requirements. In addition, they often have the extensive knowledge needed when it comes to medical coding. For example, according to the AMA, 2017 ICD-10-CM changes will include 2,305 new codes, 212 deleted ones, and 553 revised ones.
  • Healthcare organizations can dial up or dial down staffing as needed without having to pay FTE benefits.
  • Improved visibility and the provider stays in control through the use of structured reporting, governance processes, and dashboards.
  • Internal resources are freed-up to focus on higher-priority, clinical-facing initiatives such as workflow optimization.

For HIT professionals, contingency work in the HIT space is attractive since opportunities are plentiful, the remuneration is desirable, and the work is rewarding. In addition, work is becoming more knowledge- and project-based and therefore is causing healthcare organizations to become increasingly reliant on their specialized HIT skills and expertise. According to Black Book Rankings Healthcare, this reliance will help to fuel the growth of the global HIT outsourcing market, which should hit $50.4 billion by 2018.

However, making the change from an employee to a contingent worker takes thought and preparation before just jumping in. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Identify the niche where you have skills and expertise. Know your passion. Also, pinpoint what type of HIT services and advice you can offer that healthcare organizations are willing to pay for.
  • Obtain the required certifications. Getting certified is a surefire way to advance your career in the IT industry. Research IT certification guidesto identify which ones you will need in the areas of security, storage, project management, cloud computing, computer forensics, and more.
  • Build your network and brand yourself. It’s important to start building your network once you’ve decided to be a consultant. A strong contact base will help you connect with the resources needed in order to find work. Also, position yourself as an expert, someone that an organization cannot do without. Now combine both a professional network and social network to help you spread with word faster.
  • Target your market and location. Determine what type of facility or organization you want to work with, and once decided, think about location. Do you want to work remotely or on site? Are you open to relocation or a commute via airline to and from work?
  • Decide whether to go solo or engage with a consulting and staffing firm. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and want to approach a specific organization directly for a long-term gig, you might want to go solo. However, if you’re open to both short-term and long-term opportunities in various locations, a consultant staffing firm might be the answer.

The rise of a contingent workforce and gig economy will only continue to grow, and with it, much opportunity. A consultant or contractor has more freedom than a regular employee to circulate within their professional community and to take more jobs in more challenging environments. For healthcare facilities, a contingent workforce means acquiring the right HIT skills and expertise needed without the overhead costs associated with payroll benefits and administration. No doubt, a win-win situation for both.

The Direct Companies, DCA & DRI, Best of the Best For 2016

January 9, 2017

The Direct Companies of Direct Recruiters, Inc. and Direct Consulting Associates, recognized the Best of Best for 2016.

Congratulations to all our winners! 

charles-aiken-iii_4x5300DCA’s Recruiter of the Year: Charles Aiken III, Recruiting Manager

Charles oversees and manages DCA’s recruitment team and works closely with clients to understand and satisfy their recruitment needs. He is committed to quality and results and the success of DCA.

Frank Myeroff,  DCA President, stated “A great recruiter and recruiting manager possess certain qualities that we see in Charles. He exemplifies the excellent listening skills, relationship building abilities, team building skills and business savvy required. In addition, Charles will always go the extra mile to find the best IT talent for our clients.  The fact that he gives us his best everyday, is why he is our Recruiter of the Year.”

Contact Charles Aiken III at 440-996-0867 / caiken@dc-associates.com.

shayla_4x5300DCA’s Rookie of the Year: Shayla Jastrzebski, Recruiter 

Shayla serves as an IT Recruiter for DCA. On a daily basis, she identifies, screens, and qualifies IT consultants and candidates for open positions. She is top notch when it comes to matching the right consultant with the right opportunity. Shayla is very goal oriented and loves to take on new challenges. Nothing is too big for her to tackle.

“What I like best about Shayla is that she digs in and welcomes each assignment with high energy. Our team can always rely on her to overcome any obstacles in order to deliver results. She is certainly a go-getter,” commented Frank Myeroff, DCA President.

Contact Shayla Jastrzebski at 440-996-0873 / sjastrzebski@dc-associates.com.

DRI’s Operations Employee of the Year: Jordan Freireich, IT Manager

This award goes to excellence in overseeing the daily operations of DRI & DCA.

Jordan Freireich works closely with President, Dan Charney and COO, Shel Myeroff.  Jordan is responsible for all aspects of the technology database for DRI, which includes maintaining their software, as well as implementing and training the DRI team of new program features which will increase productivity and efficiency.  Jordan’s strong organizational skills combined with his keen attention to detail enables him to look for innovative ways to enhance the company’s performance.

Jordan makes a positive impact on both DRI & DCA through technology and operational efficiency.  He continuously implements innovative solutions to business processes and effectively manages and executes IT strategies,” said Dan Charney, DRI President & CEO. “Everyday he displays excellence and true commitment to the success of our companies.”

Contact Jordan Freireich at 440-996-0587 / jfreireich@directrecruiters.com.

bln468_jason-herbert_f-4x5DRI’s Recruiter of the Year: Jason Herbert, Practice Leader of Packaging, Processing & Material Handling.

This award recognizes an employee who is a top producer that displays leadership, hard work and dedication to DRI’s process and values.

Jason Herbert has worked with clients to find high-impact talent to build their teams for over 10 years with DRI.  He is committed to quality and results, while developing and maintaining long-term relationships with client companies.  He makes it a priority to assess client staffing needs and expectations, to find talent required for long-term growth and success.

According to Dan Charney, DRI President & CEO, “Not only was Jason a top producer in 2016, he has consistently gotten better and built his practice over the past ten years. He is a leader within our great organization and I am proud to honor him.”

Contact Jason Herbert at 440-996-0591 / jherbert@directrecruiters.com

DRI’s Rookie of the Year: Doug Kellermeyer, Project Manager of Government Technology & IT/Cybersecurity.

The award goes to an outstanding employee who has been at DRI for eighteen months or less, and has shown a high level of performance throughout DRI’s approach to the recruiting process.

Working closely with Ryan Lange, Partner, Government & Security, Doug qualifies and recruits candidates to find the best cultural and organizational fit for his clients.  He is determined, goal-oriented, and driven to develop new skills and take on complex challenges.

According to Ryan Lange, “In just 18 months, Doug has showcased the abilities it takes to become a consistent top-performer and leader here at DRI. There were 8 other individuals that could have been named DRI’s Rookie of the Year, but in the end Doug’s performance combined with his commitment gave him the edge. He is the first person to arrive to the office and last to leave. If Doug continues his commitment and development, he will have a very bright future here at DRI.”

Contact Doug Kellermeyer: 440-996-0876 / dkellermeyer@directrecruiters.com.


HIStalk.com Features DCA article on HIT Talent Trends for 2017

On December 21, 2016, HIStalk.com featured the article “Seven HIT Talent Trends to Watch in 2017” by Frank Myeroff, President of DCA.

The following are seven talent trends shaping the HIT workforce in 2017:

  1. C-level title of chief robotics officer rises. Expect more than half of healthcare organizations to have a chief robotics officer (CRO) by 2025. Since healthcare is an industry where robotics and automation play a significant role, the CRO will have a similar status to that of the CIO today within the next few years. The CRO and their team will manage the new set of challenges that comes with Robotics and Intelligent Operational Systems (RIOS). They will translate how to use this technology and how it is linked to customer-facing activities, and ultimately, to organizational performance.
  2. Talent raids to acquire HIT leaders. Top-tier HIT talent is a core factor in the success of any healthcare organization. Yet there is an insufficient talent pool from which to acquire IT leadership. This labor shortage is causing those on the front lines to talent poach from other healthcare organizations. Right now, the competition for highly qualified and experienced leaders is at an all-time high due to several factors including an underinvestment in leadership development and tighter operating margins that influence workforce strategies.
  3. Videoconferencing for telehealth grows in popularity and jobs. While not exactly new, videoconferencing is gaining popularity in healthcare due to the advances in HIT infrastructure and communication as well as the need to serve the aging population and those residing in remote areas. Healthcare practitioners are increasingly adopting these interactive video applications to offer better access to healthcare as well as deliver improved patient care at reduced prices. Additionally, patients are finding benefits to using this real-time, two-way interaction since it enables healthcare providers to extend their reach of patient monitoring, consultation, and counseling. The most popular HIT professionals sought after in videoconferencing are implementation specialists and telehealth directors.
  4. Burgeoning cybersecurity job market. Healthcare organizations of all sizes are in the hunt for skilled cybersecurity professionals. Just about every day there’s a story regarding a data breach incident within the healthcare industry. Many of these incidents could be attributed to unfilled cybersecurity jobs. Since the current demand is greater than the supply, a career in this sector can mean a six-figure salary, job security, and upward mobility. The cybersecurity industry as a whole is expected to grow from $75 billion in 2015 to $170 billion by 2020, according to Forbes.com. In addition, the demand for the cybersecurity workforce is expected to rise to 6 million by 2019 with a projected shortfall of 1.5 million.
  5. Working remotely fully takes off. Working from anywhere and at any time will become a normal every day thing. By 2020, it is expected that 50 percent of workers in the US will be working either from home or another remote location. Having virtual employees is not only a way to get things done round the clock, without commuting, and with hard-to-find skill sets, but is also a way to meet the needs of employees who don’t live near the organization.
  6. Boomerang employees more common. Boomerang employees are employees who leave an organization only to return back to that same employer sometime later. Rehiring these former workers are on the rise. With HIT talent at a premium, it only makes sense. HIT Managers know that hiring back someone they know is easier than recruiting new blood plus it saves money on training and development. In addition, there’s an immediate ROI.
  7. 3D technology careers wide open. Everyone is talking about 3D printing these days. It is expected to be the top medical innovation in 2017 for the reason that it could change everything for transplants and prosthetics through customization. As the 3D industry continues to evolve in 2017, the job market is wide open. In fact, jobs are appearing faster than candidates can be recruited. Young HIT professionals, especially software developers, should see this market as having huge potential for beginning a new career.

DCA Welcomes Thomas M. Clark as VP of Operations

December 13, 2016350-tom

Direct Consulting Associates (DCA) is pleased to announce that Thomas M. Clark has joined them as the Vice President of Operations.

Tom’s recent experience in Executive Recruiting and Critical Staff Augmentation are the perfect complement to his business, healthcare, and extensive leadership experience.  Tom’s track record of success within the Direct Companies includes building and leading the Military Transition Practice, Military Leadership Excellence Practice, and Supply Chain & Logistics Practice areas at Direct Recruiters, Inc. over the past 2 years.

“We were very pleased when Tom accepted this position,” says DCA’s President, Frank Myeroff. “Tom is a proven leader who has the experience and track record of delivering results. He’s the right person to build on DCA’s success and lead us to the next phase.”

Tom is a former U.S. Army Captain and Airborne Ranger that led troops in combat in the global war on terrorism and served as a subject matter expert on logistics.  After his military career, Tom successfully managed high growth, multi-division, multi-billion dollar businesses and led teams at organizations like Staples, Cardinal Health and Cleveland Clinic.  He is a passionate executive level leader and is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.  He has a proven track record in for-profit, nonprofit, government, publicly traded, and privately held organizations.

Tom is a Supply Chain Services Management Officer Graduate from the US Army Quartermaster Center & School, Fort Lee, Virginia and earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio with a dual major in Business Management and Logistics.

In his new role, Tom oversees the day-to-day operations and focuses on strategic planning and goal-setting to support the growth of DCA.  In addition, Tom assesses new business opportunities and believes that real success is achieved by delivering exceptional results and building long-term relationships.

DCA is the relationship-focused IT staffing firm that assists top-tier organizations with recruiting and acquiring high-impact IT talent for mission-critical technology initiatives throughout the country.

To contact Thomas M. Clark, 440-996-0874 or tclark@dc-associates.com.

HIStalk Mentions DCA as Donor for DonorsChoose Program

December 12, 2016donorschoose-program

gave a shout out to DCA for their donation to the DonorsChoose program: Donations from reader Laura and Direct Consulting Associates, plus matching money, fully funded numerous DonorsChoose teacher grant requests.

About DonorsChoose:
Charles Best, a teacher at a Bronx public high school, wanted his students to read Little House on the Prairie. As he was making photocopies of the one book he could procure, Charles thought about all the money he and his colleagues were spending on books, art supplies, and other materials. And he figured there were people out there who’d want to help — if they could see where their money was going. Charles sketched out a website where teachers could post classroom project requests, and donors could choose the ones they wanted to support. His colleagues posted the first 11 requests. Then it spread. Today, we’re open to every public school in America.