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Faster IS Better!

Faster is Better!

Obviously I am writing this article from the viewpoint of a recruiter.  Keep in mind, as the recruiter in the middle, I am able to see how the process is being handled from the client and from the candidate.  I have seen several of my clients land big time, game changing candidates because of their ability to commit and make quick, educated decisions.  On the other hand, I am working with clients that tend to move at their own pace.  What I mean by that is, a multi-month process from submittal to interviews to decision making is not out of the norm.  These are not the clients that get the pick of the litter.  The slower clients often get what’s left.

The lifecycle of a candidate varies from industry to industry and position to position.  I am working with candidates that will only take one particular opportunity and are willing to wait to make a decision until option one pans out.  On the other hand, the majority of the consultants I am working with understand their job security is only as secure as their next gig.  When a contractor is coming up on the end of their contract, they will be actively seeking their next.  While some contractors are patient through the process, others will jump at the first offer, thus seeking security.

Here are two quick examples of how time kills or lands talent; I was working with a multi-billion dollar organization that was seeking elite talent. The search I led for this Midwest organization was seeking a game changing CIO.  Within a few days of getting the search, I presented two different candidates to the client, the date was November 9.  I was confident that I had provided two of the best candidates in the market for this role.  November 12 an interview was scheduled, an onsite visit the next week and an additional visit the following week which led to an offer, which was accepted.  This organization will now exceed their 2013 expectations due to their willingness to move promptly when provided the right candidate.

On the other hand, I was working with a client helping support their EMR system.  This particular organization was in the Southeast and was seeking a unique skill set to join their team.  The very same day, November 9, I submitted the candidate who I felt was the best in the industry.  Much like the previous story, this client decided quickly this person was worth interviewing and scheduled an interview within days.  My motivation behind writing this article was that this candidate just received an offer, on January 31.  After numerous conversations over the last three months, the client kept seeking better options than who I provided.  Now that the offer has been made, the candidate has decided to take another offer and this Southeast client is back to their same position as November 9, thus setting the organization even further back.

While the title, “Faster is Better” seems comical, it can often be the primary determinate in whether or not an organization is going to land the talent they are seeking.  My advice to recruiters and candidates is to be sure to have proper communication and have a thorough understanding of processes and what will make a candidate make a decision.  To hiring managers, when you see talent on your desk, move quickly or another organization will.

-John Yurkschatt, DCA Project Manager

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