Charles Aiken III Appointed Lead Recruiter

Charles Aiken III

September 15, 2015

Direct Consulting Associates (DCA) has been appointed Charles Aiken III to the position of Lead Recruiter for DCA. He works diligently to help IT professionals to make the next step in their career. His goal is to build a strong network of quality relationships, not for a single engagement, but for a lifetime of career assistance.

Charles is an experienced recruiter who possesses a wealth of knowledge within the IT field.  This knowledge base allows him to actively and honestly engage in conversations with IT Consultants about opportunities, market changes, and trends.  Charles sincerely cares about what’s important to them.

Charles holds a degree from Kent State University in Applied Communications.  He enjoys a playing a round of golf and playing the piano.

Charles Aiken III may be contacted at 440-996-0867 or