Here's what Consultants are saying about us:


"DCA is indeed a class organization. I joined DCA about 6 months ago as a consultant. The initial interviews and discussions with the client were very thorough, and I knew what was expected once I made it on site, and regular contact was made with me by DCA, which made me feel like I was always thought of. I have also been pleased and impressed with Frank and Charles. Their professionalism is second to none, and I hope to continue our relationship into the future. Additionally, my expenses and pay are always there each week waiting for me in my checking account." -J.T., Consultant

"DCA exceeded my expectations. Frank, Charles, and Kim do a solid, solid job and I'm very happy working with these guys! What pleased me most about DCA’s services is their quickness. Great communication and I knew precisely what was expected of me heading into my new position!I would absolutely recommend DCA’s services. One of my favorite aspects of being employed by DCA is that a lot of recruitment companies require a daily call-in or weekly log sheet to track...that process can be taxing, especially with Go-Lives and millions of deadlines to meet with the actual client. I remember one company in particular I had to call them on Sunday, every Sunday, at 5:00 p.m. and talk for at least an hour with my recruiter about everything, sometimes 90 minutes. With DCA, if anyone has a question they reach out to me and we work together on the spot and get it taken care of...I love that! Loyalty is something I also value and respect VERY, VERY much with DCA. No BS and everything is black and white and straight upfront—that's the way ALL companies should guys are the best I've ever worked for bar none." -J.W., Consultant

"Working with DCA as a consultant was a very satisfying experience. Their focus on the client-consultant relationship, needs and satisfaction means less administrative tasks, allowing me to direct 99.99% of my attention towards the client's tasks. The weekly T/E reporting is one of the easiest processes I've encountered and they're always available to assist with concerns and/or issues when needed, while not interfering when they’re not needed. I'd happily take another engagement through DCA in the future." - M.K., Epic Consultant

“I was looking for an opportunity to work remotely instead of on the road every week. DCA has provided the opportunity to work from home and allow me to spend more time with family in the evenings.”J.H., Consultant

"As a consultant with Direct Consulting Associates I was pleased with the level of service, especially with the initial stages of hiring. They took the time to understand my background and interests to ensure I was paired with the best client, doing what I do best. They were very open with the process (during client interviews), and kept me well informed of the status with the client site. Once selected by the client, they represented me well in negotiating my start date, and made regular contact with me to ensure I was comfortable. In addition, they expressed genuine concern when matters need to be addressed. Loved getting paid weekly!" - S.M., Epic Consultant

"I have very happily been working with DCA as a consultant for over a year now and hope to continue this relationship far into the future. They have allowed me to keep my focus on the customer and their needs without having to spend hardly any time on administrative needs such as time and expense reporting.All of the staff at DCA have been very easy to work with. They like to maintain a good relationship with their customers without getting in the way of the client-consultant relationship. As stated before, I hope to continue working with Direct Consulting Associates far into the future." - W.B., Epic Consultant

"Although I had not heard of Direct Consulting Associates before they reached out to me, I gave this company a shot based on great phone interaction with John and the DCA team. " – J.P., Epic Consultant

"I have had the pleasure of working with DCA over the past 7 months They have worked to assure my needs are met which has directly contributed to me being able to maintain a personal and professional life balance.  I would love the opportunity to continue working with Direct Consulting Associates for my next contract opportunity." - S.B., IT Consultant

"As a first time consultant, it's good to have someone you can ask questions and know you'll get a straight answer. John and the DCA team have been there for me. Helping me get a role at a very prestigious facility has helped me in many ways. It has been a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to the next venture with DCA." - C.L., IT Consultant

"It was pleasure to work with John and the team at Direct Consulting Associates. They not only recommended a fantastic position (Director of Health Information Management in CA), but also was a great asset throughout interview and hiring process.In flying cross country for my interview, I experienced significant delays and was not sure I would make it there that day. John was very helpful and encouraging as I grew frustrated with the airlines. John was also instrumental in following up with the employer to check the status of the position. He was successful in negotiating a fair salary, moving expenses and benefits. He also called me regularly to ensure that things were on track or to just check in to make sure that there were no issues. He advised me when it came time to traveling cross country with my son and dog and kept in touch throughout the trip.I would highly recommend John and Direct Consulting Associates to anyone looking to hire a qualified candidate or to anyone looking for a new position." - A.B., Director of Health Information Management

"I was recruited by DCA to fill a Clinical Educator position with a client in Scottsdale, AZ for a six month term. Throughout the recruitment process, DCA practiced a high level of professionalism. Those involved, John, Kim & Frank helped build a productive partnership with a transparent and responsive approach. DCA has never made me feel like "just another contractor" from reaching out via email, phone calls, text messages, quarterly meet and greets, and hand written "thinking of you" cards.  In short, DCA has been: Personable. Responsive. Attentive.Since starting my new role, I have used DCA to recruit new team members and they have performed to the same high standards.  The candidates presented for interviews are thoroughly researched and fully meet the requirements of the role.The project has been great for professional development and the learning opportunities seem endless. I enjoy my role, my team members, and working with the Client. I am going to continue to make DCA and the Client proud they hired me!  Thanks DCA for making this an awesome experience and paying on time." - C.S., IT Consultant

"DCA has always been very responsive and kept me updated during the job application process. They listened to my needs and concerns during the process, and were able to represent me and get me the current position that I believe is a good fit for me. I would not hesitate to work with DCA again." -L.L., Consultant

Frank Myeroff

"Frank is the COO of DCA-Associates; an IT and healthcare IT consulting company. It is a smoothly running operation. As a former consultant to Healthcare C-level employees, Frank understands both the job of being a consultant and has access to the people that have hiring capabilities within organizations. I has been a pleasure working for DCA and especially with Frank in their healthcare IT consulting division." - B.W., Consultant

"I will always appreciate the 'above and beyond' approach that you personally and DCA took with the contract." -M.S., Consultant

Charles Aiken III 

"I believe Charles is a wonderful recruiter and his value well exceeds his experience. I was most pleased with his honesty. I would most definitely recommend him and the services of DCA. I believe Charles is a very driven, honest and compassionate person. All great attributes in my book." -K.M., Consultant 

“Charles was very easy to talk to, he seemed very personable and understanding of my position. He also seemed to relate to what I was thinking/feeling. He made it easy for me to make the decision to leave my secure full time job, knowing there was more for me.”– S.M., Epic Consultant

“The people I have been in contact with at DCA are fantastic, especially Charles, and very patient/willing to work with you.” J.H., Consultant

“What stood out to me about DCA was their persistence, promptness, and professionalism. Had Charles not been so persistent in his communication with me and the client, I may not have made the positive career change with DCA.” – N.B., Epic Consultant 

John Matrona

"John Matrona was a consummate professional during my job search. He found strong opportunities that fit my ideal desires. He helped me thru a disappointing rejection and kept looking until he found an even better fit for me! I would recommend him highly to my peers (and have)." -R.L., Consultant

"I greatly enjoyed working with John Matrona. From our first introduction through my placement with COMS Interactive, he was always very helpful, very considerate, and punctual for all purposes. His discussions with me were detail oriented, and I knew throughout the process exactly where I and my (potential) employer stood. I was always comfortable with our contact, and he made my hiring an easy process. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else seeking a career; he is an all pro." E.S., Consultant 

Shayla Jastrzebski

Working with Shayla at DCA exceeded my expectations. She was constantly involved in my interview process, gave great tips, and was prompt with our scheduled calls. She was a great support. During more than one conversation, Shayla referenced my previous employment experience, but mentioned a completely different product (not a product I had ever used). That stuck with me, and I think it's important to be accurate when speaking with a candidate, making them feel like you have done your research in terms of past experience. This also ensures credibility of the recruiter. I would absolutely recommend Shayla and the DCA team to others – she was great to work with!”  -P.P., Consultant

"Shayla and DCA met my expectations of the value a recruiter should bring. They are easily accessible, in contact with me often, easy to work with and resolution was quick for any issues that have arisen in the course of my contract. I was pleased most about the fact that DCA did not make me feel like just a "recruit." I feel like they took the time to correspond with me on a personal level. I would recommend DCA's services to other contractors. I feel that they have made me feel like part of their team, no matter which recruiting office I am working with."

"I’ve been very pleased to join Direct Consulting Associates as a contracted consultant for my latest gig. From the beginning,I’ve been very pleased with my recruiter Shayla Jastrzebski, who is very reliable with her responses to any questions that I’ve had and with guiding me through the onboarding process. I’ve never had to wait more than a half day to get the answers I’ve needed. John Yurkschatt, the Director, has also made himself available to me as needed and I’ve even had assistance from the company president, Frank Myeroff at times. What is even more impressive is that all of these employees have regularly followed-up as to how I’m doing at the client site. This level of service exceeds what I expect as a consultant and guarantees that I’ll work with this firm for a long time." J.L., Consultant

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